How To Drink Tequila With Salt & Lime, 4 Easy Steps

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You’re at the bar, feeling confident, right up until the moment that somebody yells, “tequila shots!” If you are not 100% sure how to shoot tequila correctly, now’s the time to brush up on your tequila kung-fu.

Drinking tequila with salt and lime is not only fun-filled and a bit of a spectacle, but thankfully it’s also straightforward. Read on to learn how to shoot tequila correctly and avoid future tequila shots embarrassment.

The best tequila for shots is usually the ‘blanco’ variety, as it’s harsh, fiery, and kicks like a mule. There is little point in using a fancy sipping tequila for shots, as it’s too smooth.


Shooting Tequila With Salt & Lime

Ever wondered how to drink tequila with salt and lime? Here is my easy 4-step guide to make you a tequila shooting pro.

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Step 1 – Lick Your Hand & Add Salt

Lick Your Hand & Add Salt

First, you need to lick the part of your hand between your thumb and index finger and sprinkle a pinch of salt – kosher salt is best – onto the moist part of your hand. The salt will reduce the tequila’s burn (allegedly!).

Step 2 – Lick The Salt

 Lick The Salt

Now lick the salt off of your recently well-salted hand and say your prayers to the tequila gods, as it’s shooting time!

Step 3 – Shoot The Tequila

Shoot The Tequila

After you’ve tasted the salt, it’s time to get this party started and shoot the tequila. Remember that we’re doing shots, not sipping whisky; I suggest you knock the shot back quickly, downing it in one quick motion.

Step 4 – Suck That Lime

Suck That Lime

Reach out for that slice of lime as soon as you’ve swallowed your tequila. A true pro will hold the lime in the same hand as the salt. You can quickly alternate between your palms and finish the shot at lightning speed.

Regardless of how you hold it, suck that lime properly. It’s essential to get all the juice out of it. The sour taste balances out the blanco tequila’s harsh agave flavour, and the citric acid also neutralises the burn.

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Andrew’s Top Pick Tequila For Shots

best tequila for shots

Patrón Silver Tequila

My top pick tequila for shots is Patrón Silver Tequila because it’s unaged, has plenty of agave flavour, and gives a nice kick to the burning finish.

Check out my Patrón Silver Tequila review.



Now you know how to shoot tequila with salt and lime – after a couple of tries, you should be a genuine party master. Nevertheless, if you’re ever in doubt, remember this phrase: lick, lick, shoot, suck.

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Just to add, once you have finished your shot, remember to leave the empty peel inside your shot glass. It’s classy and considerate, shows you are a shot master, and saves a pile of gross half-sucked lime wedges building up on the bar.

Another top tip… You can also use a lemon slice if you’re out of limes. Although the taste isn’t identical, it gets the job done. Does this count as part of your five a day? Who knows?

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