14 Best Jägermeister Mixers You Need To Try

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Renowned for its rich, spicy flavour profile and iconic stag logo, Jägermeister is a German liqueur crafted from 56 herbs, roots, and spices. Traditionally consumed neat, if you are wondering what to mix with Jägermeister, you’re in the right place!

The very mention of Jägermeister takes me on a nostalgic journey back to my younger days. Yet, as the years have passed, I’ve discovered that there are plenty of Jägermeister mixers that bring out the best of this herbal liqueur.


Best Jägermeister Mixers

For those of you who have a love for this German classic, here are 14 of the best things to mix with Jägermeister that elevate this liqueur to new heights.

1. Red Bull

Red Bull


OK, how could I not begin with the classic Jägerbomb, a mix of Jägermeister and Red Bull (or your favourite energy drink)? This awakening Jägermeister combo will keep you tipsy and alert at the same time.

Best Served

The traditional way to enjoy a Jägerbomb is to drop a shot glass of Jäger into a rocks glass 3/4 filled with Red Bull and sip away. I tend to be a bit more refined these days and enjoy them mixed together over ice without the ‘ritual’.

2. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee


The rich bitterness of cold brew coffee combined with the complex herbal sweetness of Jägermeister creates a harmonious blend that’s both invigorating and satisfying.

Best Served

Pour 2oz/50ml of Jägermeister into a rocks glass and add cold brew coffee, plus a touch of simple syrup if you like things sweeter. It’s a Jäger revelation with a unique twist on your coffee routine.

3. Orange Juice

Orange Juice


The citrusy sweetness of orange juice brings out the fruity undertones of Jägermeister. I find that the vibrant acidity of the orange contrasts nicely with the deep, herbal notes of the liqueur.

Best Served

Add a 2oz/50ml shot of Jägermeister to a rocks glass full of ice and top up with fresh orange juice, garnished with an orange slice.

4. Lemon-Lime Soda

Lemon-Lime Soda


A bubbly mixer that adds a citrusy punch, making for a light and effervescent herbal concoction. The sharpness of the citrus combined with the bubbly sweetness creates a refreshing Jägermeister blend.

Best Served

2oz/50ml of Jägermeister topped with lemon-lime soda, ice, and garnished with a lemon twist. It’s a fizzy delight, perfect for hot summer days when you need a pick-me-up.

5. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice


The tropical sweetness of pineapple pairs beautifully with Jägermeister’s herbal complexity. I find that the juice’s acidity cuts through the Jäger’s herbal richness, creating a balanced drink with a holiday vibe.

Best Served

Add 2oz/50ml of Jägermeister to a glass filled with ice, top with pineapple juice, and garnish with a pineapple wedge. It’s a tropical escape, a mini-vacation in a glass.

6. Tonic Water

Thomas Henry Tonic wATER


The subtle bitterness of quinine contained in tonic water, plus its crisp carbonation, elevates the herbal complexity of Jägermeister, creating a balanced and refreshing Jäger experience.

Best Served

1 part Jägermeister and 3 parts Indian tonic water with a lime wedge and a sprig of rosemary as garnish. Simple yet sophisticated, it’s a drink best enjoyed long, with ice.

7. Root Beer

Root Beer


The sassafras and sarsaparilla root and bark that give root beer its flavour meld seamlessly with the kaleidoscope of herbs in Jägermeister.

Best Served

A shot of Jägermeister in a glass of chilled root beer garnished with a cherry. It’s nostalgia in a glass, a delightful trip down memory lane.

8. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice


If you fancy something fresh, the tartness of cranberry juice cuts through Jägermeister’s herbal sweetness, creating a balanced and vibrant drink that’s an easy sipper.

Best Served

A shot of Jägermeister mixed with cranberry juice over ice garnished with a lime slice. It’s refreshingly tart with a cheeky herbal edge.

9. Club Soda

Club Soda


For those who appreciate the unadulterated taste of Jägermeister, club soda adds effervescence without overshadowing the spirit. The bubbles enhance the experience, making every sip a homage to the Jägermeister legacy.

Best Served

Jägermeister topped up with club soda over ice, garnished with a lemon twist. Pure and unpretentious, soda water is a Jägermeister mixer for the purists.

10. Iced Tea

Iced Tea


The slight bitterness of the tannins of iced tea combined with Jägermeister’s herbs and overall sweetness create a harmonious blend that lets the flavours do the talking rather than the alcohol kick.

Best Served

Jägermeister mixed with unsweetened iced tea over ice garnished with a lemon slice. It’s an afternoon delight, perfect for those lazy summer days.

11. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit Juice


The bitter and tangy grapefruit juice notes play wonderfully with Jägermeister’s herbal profile. The juice’s vibrant acidity contrasts with the liqueur’s depth, creating a refreshing and complex drink.

Best Served

Equal parts Jägermeister and grapefruit juice over ice, garnished with a grapefruit slice. It’s a bittersweet symphony, a dance of flavours.

12. Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper


The 23 flavours of Dr Pepper combined with its sweetness and bubbly carbonation bring out the best of the 56 ingredients of Jägermeister in an intriguing taste sensation.

Best Served

Jägermeister topped with Dr Pepper over ice, garnished with a lime wedge. It’s a flavour explosion, a crazy fusion of two iconic drinks.

13. Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer


A spicy and effervescent delight, ginger beer adds a zing that complements Jägermeister’s herbal notes. The spicy bubbles of ginger intertwine with the herbal coolness of Jägermeister.

Best Served

I recommend a ratio of 1 part Jägermeister and 2 parts ginger beer over ice, garnished with a slice of fresh ginger.

14. Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola


Maybe The Kinks should have sung, “Tastes just Jäger & Cherry Cola”, as the cherry’s sweetness and the cola’s fizz make this a playful Jägermeister mixer that’s more grown-up than you would expect.

Best Served

Jägermeister topped with cherry cola over ice, garnished with a cherry. Your tastebuds will thank you.


Jägermeister Quick Facts

OriginWolfenbüttel, Germany
Main Ingredients56 different herbs, fruits, roots, and spices
Taste ProfileSweet, herbal, and slightly spicy
Alcohol Content35%
Most Popular Mixers– Jägerbomb (with energy drink)
– Jäger Ginger (with ginger beer)
– U Boat (with beer)
StorageStore in a cool, dark place. Best served chilled
Fun FactThe name Jägermeister means ‘Hunting Master’ in German

History of Jägermeister

History of Jägermeister

Jägermeister, with its iconic green bottle and stag logo, is a herbal liqueur brought to life in 1934 in the German town of Wolfenbüttel by Curt Mast, the son of a vinegar manufacturer.

His passion for hunting influenced the name Jägermeister which translates to ‘Hunting Master.’ The stag logo pays homage to Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters!

Jägermeister’s global domination began in the 1970s, largely credited to Sidney Frank, who introduced it to the U.S. using innovative marketing, such as promoting Jägermeister shots.

How Is Jägermeister Made?

How Is Jägermeister Made

While the exact recipe of its blend of 56 herbs remains shrouded in mystery, some known ingredients that I managed to discover are star anise, citrus peel, and juniper berries.

This concoction is steeped in alcohol, stored in oak barrels for maturation, and then further refined with sugar and caramel before bottling.


Jägermeister bottle and glass

In the vast world of spirits, Jägermeister stands tall with its rich history and intricate flavour profile. The best Jägermeister mixers open new and exciting ways to enjoy this herbal liqueur rather than just in a shot or with an energy drink.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Jägermeister enthusiast or just beginning your journey, the best things to mix with Jägermeister should be able to offer a fresh perspective on this beloved liqueur.

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