Choosing The Perfect Whiskey For Each Season: A How-To Guide

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With its versatility, depth, and kaleidoscope of flavours, we all have our preferred whiskey of choice, yet as the seasons change, so should our whiskey.

From flavoursome winter warmer to a light summertime tipple highlights the many faces of whiskey and its varied flavour profiles from single malt, peated, bourbon, beer barrel aged, and beyond.

Join me as I explore the best whiskey for each season, offering unique expressions and some delicious food pairing ideas to further enhance its enjoyment.


Whiskeys For Winter

Whiskeys For Winter fireside image

Winter and whiskey are a classic combo. This season calls for fuller-bodied whiskeys with rich, spicy, smoky or sweet notes. 

Whether you prefer a smoky whiskey with pronounced peatiness or an American bourbon with its caramel and vanilla warmth, there is a cold-season whiskey for every taste preference.

Winter: A Time for Warmth and Spice

The best whiskeys for winter provide warmth and comfort. These are typically stronger by alcohol content and have a rich, full-bodied profile.

  • American Bourbon: Known for its sweet vanilla, caramel, and oak notes. Brands like Buffalo Trace or Knob Creek offer a robust profile perfect for cold weather.
  • Peated Scotch: Whiskeys from regions like Islay, such as Laphroaig or Ardbeg, are ideal with their smoky, peaty characteristics that echo the feel of a cosy fireside.
  • Cask Strength Whiskeys: These offer a more intense flavour and warmth, ideal for sipping slowly on a cold night. Examples include Aberlour A’bunadh or George T. Stagg.

Winter Whiskey Pairings

beef stew

When winter is in full swing, sometimes you need some tasty food to refuel or a cheeky cocktail.

  • Bourbon and Comfort Foods: A high-proof bourbon pairs excellently with hearty winter dishes like beef stew or chilli. The sweetness of the bourbon complements the savoury flavours, creating a harmonious blend.
  • Scotch and Cheese: A peated Scotch alongside a platter of aged cheeses such as cheddar or gouda offers a delightful contrast. The smoky notes of the whiskey enhance the richness of the cheese.
  • Cocktails: Winter is perfect for whiskey-based cocktails like the Old Fashioned or a Hot Toddy. These warm, spiced drinks provide comfort and warmth on cold nights.

Whiskeys For Spring

best whiskey for spring

When the snow melts, and flowers bloom, the best spring whiskeys shift towards lighter, floral, and fruitier profiles. Irish whiskeys and lighter Scotches come into play.

Lighter Whiskeys For Spring

The best whiskey for spring will have a lighter flavour profile, leaning more towards citrus, floral, grassy notes and gentle herbs that dance on the palate.

  • Irish Whiskey: Known for being smooth and triple-distilled, brands like Jameson or Redbreast provide a gentle, floral profile.
  • Speyside Scotch: Whiskeys from this region, like Glenfiddich or Macallan, are typically less peated and have sweet, fruity characteristics that mirror the blossoming of spring.
  • Lowland Scotch: Offering a soft and gentle profile with floral notes, options like Glenkinchie or Auchentoshan are ideal for spring sipping.

Spring Whiskey Pairings

prawns cooking

As springtime greets us, we migrate from those heavy winter foods and decadent cocktails. Here are some spring whiskey pairing choices to make your mouth water.

  • Irish Whiskey and Seafood: A smooth, triple-distilled Irish whiskey complements the delicate flavours of seafood like grilled salmon, prawns or shrimp.
  • Highland Scotch and Salads: The floral and fruity notes of a Highland Scotch blend well with fresh spring salads, especially those with a citrus dressing.
  • Cocktails: Spring cocktails like a Whiskey Sour or a Mint Julep, using a lighter whiskey, are refreshing and match the season’s spirit.

Whiskeys For Summer

best whiskey for summer.

Summer calls for refreshing whiskeys that can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail. Lighter bourbons, rye whiskeys, and Canadian blends are popular choices, offering spicy and fruity notes.

Summer: Refreshing and Fruity

The best summer whiskeys are lighter choices that can be enjoyed in a more refreshing way, either neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

  • Lighter Bourbons: With a slightly lower proof and a sweeter profile, brands like Maker’s Mark or Basil Hayden’s are great choices.
  • Rye Whiskeys: Known for their spicy, fruity profile, American rye whiskeys like Jim Beam or Bulleit Rye are refreshing when mixed in summer cocktails.
  • Canadian Whiskey: Often lighter and smoother, Canadian whisky like Crown Royal or Canadian Club are versatile for mixed drinks.

Summer Whiskey Pairings

Summer Whiskey Pairings

With summer calling for outdoor gatherings, BBQs, food festivals and street food, rye or bourbon whiskey that will pair well with summer foods and cocktails, too!

  • Rye Whiskey and Barbecue: The spicy and slightly fruity profile of rye whiskey pairs wonderfully with barbecue dishes, balancing the smokiness and sweetness of the food.
  • Bourbon and Summer Fruits: A smoother bourbon can be paired with summer fruits like peaches or watermelon for a refreshing combination.
  • Cocktails: Classic summer cocktails like a Whiskey Smash or a bourbon-based Lemonade are perfect for outdoor gatherings.

Whiskeys For Autumn

best Whiskeys For Autumn

Autumn reintroduces richer, deeper whiskey flavours. This is the season for whiskeys with nutty, earthy, and caramel notes. Aged bourbons and sherried Scotches are excellent choices.

Autumn: Earthy and Complex Whiskeys

The best whiskeys for autumn offer depth and complexity with earthy, nutty, and sometimes fruity notes.

  • Aged Bourbons: Whiskeys that have spent more years in the barrel, like Elijah Craig or Pappy Van Winkle, offer a complex, deep flavour perfect for the fall.
  • Sherried Scotch: Scotch matured in sherry casks, like GlenDronach or Aberlour, provides rich, fruity, and nutty flavours that echo the autumn harvest.
  • High Proof Whiskeys: These can offer a more intense experience, suitable for cooler weather. Think of Booker’s Bourbon or Stagg Jr.

Autumn Whiskey Pairings

whiskey and autumn food pairings

As the leaves fall from the trees and we gear up for the colder seasons, autumn, our food and cocktail choices migrate to something more wholesome.

  • Roasted Meats and Burgers: A sherried Scotch’s rich and fruity notes complement roasted meats like lamb or duck and gourmet burgers too.
  • Aged Bourbon and Desserts: Pair an aged bourbon with autumn desserts like pumpkin pie or apple crumble. The sweetness of the bourbon enhances the spices in these desserts.
  • Cocktails: Cocktails like a Manhattan or a Whiskey Ginger are perfect for autumn evenings, offering warmth and depth.

Year-Round Whiskey Enjoyment

Andrew whiskey tasting in Belgium
Andrew whiskey tasting in Belgium

While seasonality offers a guide, the beauty of whiskey lies in its versatility; of course, personal preference always plays a crucial role in selection. 

Whether sipping it neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, whiskey adapts to each individual’s taste and the changing seasons, making it a timeless spirit to savour year round.


Andrew & Ingrid relaxing with an Old Fashioned
Andrew & Ingrid relaxing with an Old Fashioned

Each season brings its own mood and atmosphere, and there’s a whiskey to match each one. From the peaty warmth of a winter Scotch to the light, floral notes of a spring Irish whiskey, the world of whiskey is incredibly diverse.

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Exploring these seasonal choices enhances the appreciation of this magnificent spirit, making every sip a journey through the seasons.

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