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10 Best Rums For Rum And Coke

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Rum and Coke, a simple cocktail that originated on the tropical Caribbean island of Cuba, has since become a hugely popular drink around the globe.

Made with cola, light rum, and garnished with lime, it is one of the most refreshingly straightforward mixed drinks in existence. Here in this review, we explore the 10 best rums for rum and coke you should consider.

What Is The Best Rum For A Rum And Coke?

A sweet yet spicy blend of molasses, caramel, nutmeg, vanilla and other exciting ingredients makes the best rum for a rum and coke. A strength of at least 35% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is recommended to ensure the tastes can shine through the cola mixer.

Originally called the Cuba Libre, or Free Cuba, this traditional cocktail paid homage to the Cuban victory in the Spanish-American war when the country gained its independence from Spain. Let’s check out 10 of the best rums to get the party started.


The 10 Best Rums for Rum and Coke

Here are top our picks for the 10 best rums for rum and coke. Each has been carefully selected to ensure that when YOU make a rum and coke, it is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy!

1. Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Kraken Black Spiced Rum
Credit: Kracken

General Info

  • Distiller: Proximo Spirits
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: Trinidad and Tobago


Kraken Black Spiced Rum is an especially dark rum that is full of flavour thanks to the vast array of spices used in its production.

Initially, the spiced caramel and toffee aroma of this delectable rum greets your nose and awaken your palette. This is followed by the rich flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla which take you on a wild taste journey with a spicy finish.

The bottle design is also quite intriguing, with rounded glass handles and a terrifying giant octopus with long tentacles printed on the monochrome label.

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2. Bacardi Carta Negra Black Rum

Bacardi Carta Negra Black Rum
Credit: Bacardi

General Info

  • Distiller: Bacardi
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 37.5%
  • Country: Puerto Rico


Perhaps the most renowned in the best rums for rum and coke category, Bacardi Black Rum traces its origins back to Cuba, which is where the Cuba Libre cocktail was invented.

Consisting of tropical fruits, smooth caramel and spicy vanilla notes. There are also smoky hints of liquorice and molasses.

Although Bacardi production was relocated to Puerto Rico after the Cuban revolution, this rum still holds true to its roots. Best described as a black rum with a medium body, Bacardi Black Rum is aged in heavily charred oak casks.

This dramatically enhances the richness of the final product. The rum is then infused with deep charcoal flavours before it is bottled for extra taste.

3. Captain Morgan Dark Rum

Captain Morgan Dark Rum
Credit: Diageo

General Info

  • Distiller: Diageo
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: United Kingdom


Captain Morgan Dark Rum counts itself as being produced under one of the most popular brands of rum on Earth and has quickly earned its spot on our list of the best rums for rum and coke.

This rum is both rich and smooth, with flavours of toffee and smokey vanilla. Also has a nice level of spice.

Based on traditional Jamaican recipes, the liquor is aged in oak barrels to produce a final product that is as smooth as it is luxurious. This smoky rum tastes special on its own while also blending perfectly with mixers such as cola.

4. Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum

Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum
Credit: Mount Gay

General Info

  • Distiller: Mount Gay
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: Barbados


The golden colour of Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum is alluring. It evokes thoughts of luscious nectar flowing from the tropical foliage that blankets the tropical island with which it shares its name.

This rum is indeed fruity and floral with hints of vanilla omnipresent from the very first sip. This Mount Gay rum has spices and smoky notes mid-palate which finishes in a bright, clean fashion.

Also makes an excellent rum for a Long Island Iced Tea

5. Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez

Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez
Credit: Bacardi

General Info

  • Distiller: Bacardi
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: Puerto Rico


Aged for at least 10 years in the tropical heat, Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez is inherently Caribbean and is among the best rums for rum and coke.

Charcoal filtering imparts a distinctive character to this deep amber rum, all while exotic notes of banana, melon, pear, and caramelized vanilla entertain your palate.

The bottle also helps those who are privileged enough to enjoy this limited liquor realize the grandeur of Bacardi’s legendary status as pioneers of the modern rum industry.

As part of their premium range, you should definitely feel lucky as you indulge in the complex flavour of this delectable spirit.

6. Pussers Gunpowder Proof Rum

Pussers Gunpowder Proof Rum
Credit: Pussers

General Info

  • Distiller: Pussers
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 54.5%
  • Country: Guyana and Trinidad


Pussers Gunpowder Proof Rum is not only ideal for drinking neat on the rocks. However, it is also one of the best rums for rum and coke.

As one of the few rums still produced by the standards of the British Royal Navy during its days of rationing the liquor to sailors, the strength and flavour of this rendition are not to be taken lightly.

A strong, spicy rum of brown sugar and molasses with a multitude of spices that certainly makes its presence known.

Fortunately, the practice of adding actual gunpowder to fool sailors into drinking watered-down rum ended back when the Royal Navy ceased its rum rationing program. Now, purveyors of fine rums can enjoy this hard liquor by cutting it with the sweetness of cola.

7. Flor de Caña 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum

Flor de Caña 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum
Credit: Flor de Caña

General Info

  • Distiller: Flor de Caña
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: Nicaragua


If you are a true lover of fine rum, hearing the name, Flor de Caña should bring joy and delight to your ears.

As one of the most sought-after exports from the tropical Central-American nation of Nicaragua, Flor de Caña 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum has definitely made its mark on the world.

This is a soft and mellow rum that has caramel and spices in equal measure making this is not too sweet, and not too spicy. Beautiful.

This rum is so bold and refined that it is great to pour over ice and enjoy in the same fashion as a fine single malt scotch. Of course, it never hurts to mix this unique rum with a splash of coke and lime if your focus is more geared towards making the most of any celebratory festivities.

8. Brugal Añejo Rum

Brugal Añejo Rum
Credit: Brugal & Co

General Info

  • Distiller: Brugal & Co
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 38%
  • Country: Dominican Republic


Hailing from the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic, Brugal Añejo Rum is definitely designed to be enjoyed at a party or while relaxing on a tropical beach. Smooth, easy to drink, and has lots of deep woody/spiced notes.

The bottle, which is tall and slender, is wrapped in a signature threading that is reminiscent of the fishing nets used in the waters surrounding the vibrant island.

Brugal is also perfect for shots, and its history dates back to the late 1800s. Mix Brugal with coke and lime to start any party off the right way.

9. Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum
Credit: Plantation

General Info

  • Distiller: Plantation
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: Barbados


Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum Rum is just delightful to admire while it is in its anniversary bottle which honours Alexandre Gabriel’s 20th anniversary as Master Blender.

The ultimate blend from Plantation uses a combination of quintessential extra-old rums from Barbados. The double ageing process and use of sugarcane and toasted coconut & banana are sublime. Enhanced even further by cocoa and orange. Stunning.

As with most rums that are produced in Barbados, the quality of this particular spirit is impeccable, with the perfect balance of robustness and smoothness.

10. Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Sistema Solera Rum

Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Sistema Solera Rum
Credit: Diageo

General Info

  • Distiller: Diageo
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Country: Guatemala


With such a classy bottle design and a deep amber colour, Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Sistema Solera Rum appears to be almost too special to open. However, make no mistake, this rum was definitely meant to be shared and enjoyed.

Smooth caramel and sultry vanilla mingle with cocoa, cinnamon and orange. The ageing process, which can fall anywhere between 6 to 23 years, catapults this rum’s flavour profile high into the stratosphere.

Notes of light mahogany and spiced oak are apparent with each sip of this slightly viscous rum, adding to its depth. Yet, Centenario 23 is certainly complemented by the addition of ice-cold cola and a wedge of lime.


What Is Rum Made From?

What Is Rum Made From?

The main crop used in the production of rum is sugarcane. The juice of the sugarcane can be boiled down and concentrated before the sugar is separated from it and the remaining brown syrup, known as molasses, is what is used to make most rums.

However, in certain places, unrefined sugarcane juice is the main ingredient of choice. Other components of this liquor include yeast and water, both of which lend a helping hand in initiating the fermentation process.

How Is Rum Made?

The process for making rum is really quite simple. Still, nevertheless, production methods may vary slightly across different regions, which is why there is a wide range of flavour profiles among the different varieties.

Using molasses and raw sugarcane, the production process begins with fermentation which is accomplished by adding yeast and water to the base.

Once fermented, the product is distilled to isolate and concentrate the alcohol from the mix. The final steps in making a fine rum are ageing the rum in casks, and then blending to balance the flavour.

History Of Rum

History Of Rum

The first origins of a rum-like spirit date as far back as the 7th century AD, when an Indian doctor specializing in Ayurveda recommended that a man should drink a rum and mango mixture with friends.

Although there are a few instances throughout early history that reference rum-like beverages, it wasn’t until the 17th century that Caribbean slaves working the sugarcane plantations realized that molasses could be distilled into rum, and its popularity began to grow.

With time, the distillation process became more advanced, and modern rum was born from this tropical region. The production of rum eventually spread to other Caribbean islands, as well as Brazil, where sugarcane was plentiful.

Subsequently, the distilled alcohol began to be produced in North America and even became the standard alcoholic beverage for pirates of the Caribbean and the British navy.


As is apparent in this rather fabulous and exhaustive list of the 10 best rums for rum and coke, even the most exquisite renditions of this storied spirit play nicely when mixed with ice, coke, and lime.

Of course, it is always nice to enjoy each of these rums on their own to truly appreciate the intricacies of their flavour.

The most popular way to enjoy each of these rums is in an ice-filled glass with a splash of coke. You don’t have to be in the Caribbean to indulge in tropical cocktails at your next fiesta. Don’t forget the lime! Cheers.

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